A Solution to Accessing High-Quality Data in Emerging Markets

A Strategy Consulting Firm’s Solution to Accessing High-Quality Data in Emerging Markets

Client Challenge

A global consulting firm sought to expand its information coverage within Africa and the Middle East. The firm was looking for an effective, quick to implement solution that would integrate smoothly with its existing research processes at a lower cost than hiring and retaining research analysts internally.


The consulting firm decided to test Infomineo as a solution to tap into geographies where they did not have existing internal support staff, leveraging their research team on an ad-hoc basis for their information needs on the MEA region.
After a few months of working with Infomineo, the firm recognized that the quality of the research service provided matched that of their internal capacity and opted for a retainer arrangement, benefiting from a team of research experts dedicated solely to their information needs.
In the first two years, the firm’s dedicated team tripled. The firm began to leverage Infomineo for research in additional geographies outside the MEA region. The type of support needed from the research team also became more diverse; ranging from ad hoc research support to building newsletters or databases to executing entire projects. In particular, the research team is leveraged for conducting primary research and fieldwork in the form of market sizing, store checks and surveys. Occasionally, the firm also seeks out Infomineo for its expert network and business translation services.


With their retainer plan, the consulting firm benefits from a team of full-time analysts operating as an extension of their internal research team, supporting different time zones on a daily basis.
In the last two years, the volume of capacity leveraged by the firm has increased by 32%, with roughly 17,000 used research hours in the last year. On top of their retainer capacity, the client has the flexibility to request additional capacity whenever needed. Meaning, the client can always rely on Infomineo to execute quality research regardless of how much support they need at any moment in time. The firm monitors the outsourcing relationship through monthly utility reports sent by Infomineo, giving them visibility on future retainer capacity they may need.

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Problems faced

Sourcing high-quality data in emerging markets.
High cost of hiring and retaining internal research analysts.


Access to a dedicated research team delivering fast, high-quality outputs, supporting the firm in delivering
its consulting engagements across the region.


Access to the expertise of the largest research team within MEA.
Lower costs and same quality standards of internal teams.
Quick to implement solution and fast to scale up.