May 26 2023 | Infographic
Understanding Language Features

Languages are split into 2 key types, High-Context Communication (HCC) and Low Context Communication (LCC), each has its own unique features to understand while translating

May 26 2023 | Business trends,Energy
The role of clean hydrogen in decarbonization

In the era of global decarbonization, achieving net-zero emissions would require a transition from polluting fossil fuels to cleaner alternatives, including low-carbon hydrogen. In this report, we explore the role of clean hydrogen in the energy ecosystem, focusing on blue and green hydrogen. As hydrogen demand is expected to double by 2030, we examine the potential for hydrogen in traditional and emerging applications, production forecasts versus announced expansions, and the hydrogen infrastructure development needed to support this growth.

May 08 2023 | Consulting
Organizing for Growth: An analysis of the Fortune 200 regional headquarters

This edition of the Global Fortune 200 report provides an overview of where F200 companies are choosing to locate their regional headquarters, and explores the various factors that are relevant to the selection of these locations.

April 14 2023 |
The major steps of Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a process that involves several steps to transform raw data into meaningful insights.

March 31 2023 | Business trends
Robotics and automation

The field of robotics is experiencing rapid growth with various applications across industries. Developments in this field are leading to more advanced robots with greater autonomy to perform complex tasks, which is expected to lead to both job creation and displacement. This report explores the uses and success stories of robotics in various industries, current trends in the robotics industry, and the impact of robotics and automation on the future of the workforce

March 01 2023 | Business trends
New city projects

New cities symbolize an ambition to create new ways of living where technology, innovation, and sustainability are the driving forces. This report explores the common ways in which new city projects plan to embed technology and sustainability, the potential opportunities they create, and the challenges they might face.

February 20 2023 | Infographic
Principles of a good slide design

Discover the principles of a good slide design, brought to you by Samson, our Head of Graphic Design

January 29 2023 | Business trends,Energy
ESG in the Americas: Top Performers, Trends, and Challenges

The transition to a sustainable future is making ESG considerations a top priority for companies across industries and countries. This report aims to explore the ESG performance of companies in the Americas, highlighting key players that implement innovative solutions to achieve their sustainable agendas before 2050.

December 30 2022 | Business trends
E-commerce in the Americas

Get a market overview, and read about the trends in e-commerce in the Americas.

December 28 2022 | Business trends
3D Printing: Emerging Asia Pacific Market

3D printing is rapidly growing as a more widely applied industrial manufacturing process. In recent years, developments in the machines and materials used have made it more accessible and cost-efficient. The technology is set to revolutionize industries ranging from automotive to healthcare and even consumer goods.

December 25 2022 | Business trends
Infomineo Academy: The three-step Brainshoring approach

While other forms of service outsourcing are narrowly directed by client instructions and focus entirely on execution, Brainshoring takes on all steps of a solution from the posing of the question itself to packaging curation and follow-through.

November 28 2022 | Business trends,Consulting
Data Analytics: Overview, applications, and benefits

In the last two years, companies have been forced to adapt quickly to major disruptions and evolving customer needs. These developments, along with increased competition and digitalization, have highlighted the importance of data analytics to make better decisions.