Web Scraping Tool for Second-Hand Car Sales

Web Scraping Tool for Second-Hand Car Sales

In their pursuit of exploring Morocco’s second-hand automobile market, our client sought the expertise and guidance of our Data Analytics team.

Their primary objective was to efficiently gather data from the country’s prominent C2C e-commerce platform with the goal of establishing an unbiased and comprehensive database.

To fulfill their needs, our team successfully delivered a comprehensive web scraping tool to the client, equipped with a user-friendly interface, and allowing them to effortlessly extract listings from the targeted e-commerce platform across different cities and categories.

As a result, the client achieved significant time savings in the data collection process and successfully established their own database of secondhand car sales.

Client Challenge

To analyze the secondhand automobile market in Morocco, the client needed access to relevant and accurate data. The client chose to use data from the country’s leading C2C e-commerce platform.

  • An efficient and consistent way to regularly collect data from an e-commerce website that operates in Morocco
  • Create a database with the data collected daily to avoid bias of unsold items

Our Solution

Infomineo’s Data Analytics team addressed the client’s need by:

  1.  Establishing data collection requirements
  2.  Developing a data collection plan
  3.  Designing a graphical user interface (GUI)
  4.  Cleaning and preprocessing the data
  5.  Allow an easy sharing of the code


  • A full-fledged web scraping tool, operable through a user interface was delivered to the client.
  • The solution enabled the client to extract listings from the e-commerce platform, across all cities and categories, using specific keywords.
  • The client gained time in the data collection process and created its own database of secondhand car sales.

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