About us

Infomineo believes in the exponential value of data.

Infomineo provides businesses with customized data and analysis, allowing them to make decisions and develop their activity.

We operate as an extension of our client’s research teams, giving them access to our scale, expertise, databases, and methodologies. We perform research on countries, markets, companies, professionals, and consumers, with a global coverage and a unique expertise on the Middle East and Africa.

our purpose

Infomineo is a research service provider with a global team of data collection and analysis experts dedicated to helping you solve your data challenges.

Infomineo provides a data, research and analysis service to its clients.
We perform global research from offshore centres in the Middle East and Africa, giving us a unique ability to conduct research within the region.
As an entity, Infomineo brings Africa and the Middle East to the World and the World to Africa and the Middle East.

Infomineo seeks to generate economic opportunities for the people of Africa and the Middle East by creating dozens of direct jobs and hundreds of indirect jobs. We do this by increasing information transparency within Africa and the Middle East, which in turn facilitates investment and increases the available opportunities within the region.

Infomineo provides a data and research service to its clients by leveraging its large team of highly skilled, multilingual analysts located in over 30+ countries. Our researchers and analysts use the best in class research and analysis to combine primary and secondary research with the highest level of quality to our clients.

our mission

Infomineo is dedicated to supporting its clients in gaining a competitive advantage by providing them with the high-quality insight needed for efficient and effective strategic decision making.

our vision

Infomineo wants to be the world’s highest quality business research service provider and the leading provider of data research services in Africa and the Middle East.

our values

We constantly challenge ourselves to prove that we are trustworthy partners by providing our clients with a service of high quality and effectiveness.

We believe that it is our responsibility to create a healthy work environment where individuals can identify themselves, as well as challenge and develop their competencies.

Striving continuously for improvement, we believe that good is not enough. Achieving excellence in our daily goal.

We offer each one of our clients the guarantee that we behave with utmost confidentiality, transparency and honesty.

our people

The people working for Infomineo are its most valuable asset and their diversity, both in terms of professional experience and culture, is the company’s greatest strength. Our global team is composed of home grown analysts, selected for their strong intellect, energy and sense of ethics, combined with experts with experience from leading international consulting firms and multinational companies.

Infomineo strives to bring together excellence, diversity, and creativity. We attract people who are committed to achievement, seek continuous improvement, and have a strong sense of ethics.

Martin Tronquit

Managing Partner

Hamza Laraichi

Managing Partner

Sabrina Stansfield

Finance Director

Faizel Logday

Operations Director

Aicha Daho

Business Development Director

Rawiah Abdallah

Egypt Country Manager

Llewelyn Buys

South Africa Country Manager

Mohamed Zine El Abidine

Senior Manager

Meriem Lahlou


Khaled El Sayed


Konrad Kalies


Gaicha Saddy


Zineb Benmoussa

Expert Network Manager

Valerie Detry

Executive Search Manager