About us

Infomineo believes in the potential of Africa and the Middle East.

Infomineo provides businesses with research and insights, allowing them to make decisions and develop their activity.

We operate as an extension of our client’s research teams, giving them access to our scale, expertise, databases, and methodologies. We perform research on countries, markets, companies, professionals, and consumers, with a global coverage and a unique expertise on the Middle East and Africa.

our purpose

Infomineo is a research service provider with a global team of data collection and analysis experts dedicated to helping you solve your data challenges.

Infomineo proves that there are sizable business opportunities with reasonable risk levels in Africa and the Middle East. Through our service, we demonstrate that Africa and the Middle East are regions where you can find world class providers.

Our services solves two main business problems for our clients:

  1. Solving human resources challenges by offering research capacity, skills and capabilities.
  2. Answering business questions by providing insights which power decision making.

Infomineo seeks to demonstrate the talent and business potential of Africa and the Middle East. We do this by increasing information transparency within the region, which in turn facilitates investment and increases the available opportunities within the region.

Infomineo is a people based organization. Our unique value lies in our ability to hire, train, manage and retain a highly skilled workforce of multilingual analysts located in over 30+ countries. Our researchers and analysts use the best in class research and analysis to combine primary and secondary research and translate them into insights that provide value to our clients. We are committed to meet all information security requirements which apply to our business and ensure the security of our customers.

our mission

Infomineo is dedicated to supporting its clients in gaining a competitive advantage by providing them with the high-quality insight needed for efficient and effective strategic decision making.

our vision

Infomineo wants to be the world’s highest quality business research service provider and the leading provider of data research services in Africa and the Middle East.

our values

Nothing at Infomineo is someone else’s problem. At Infomineo we value those who take initiative, who are audacious, who think positively and see the possibilities. 

We promote and celebrate diversity. Who we are individually is what makes us strong collectively.

We care about the people we work with, we listen to each other and always aim for the best possible outcome.

We set high standards for ourselves. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service.

We strive to be ethical, honest and fair, putting integrity at the center of all decisions.

Infomineo is a learning pot, in which we grow through learning and through sharing the knowledge we have.

our people

The people working for Infomineo are its most valuable asset and their diversity, both in terms of professional experience and culture, is the company’s greatest strength. Our global team is composed of home grown analysts, selected for their strong intellect, energy and sense of ethics, combined with experts with experience from leading international consulting firms and multinational companies.

Infomineo strives to bring together excellence, diversity, and creativity. We attract people who are committed to achievement, seek continuous improvement, and have a strong sense of ethics.

Martin Tronquit

Managing Partner

Hamza Laraichi

Managing Partner

Sabrina Stansfield

Finance Director

Faizel Logday

Operations Director

Ainhoa Fernández

Chief Financial Officer – Spain

Nabila Dourassi

Head of professional development – Casablanca

Konrad Kalies

Egypt Country Manager

Aiste Skardziute

Head of Expert Network Services

Mohamed Zine El Abidine

Morocco Country Manager

Fatma Mekky

Head of Recruitment – Egypt

Diana Youssef

Research Manager

Gaicha Saddy

Research Manager

Younes Amraoui

Research Manager

Antonio Pilogallo

Research Manager

Perihan Al Husseini

Research Manager

Kenza Khaldane

Head of Marketing

Fatou-Kine NDIAYE

Research Manager

Jean Dimca

Vice President