A Research Outsourcing Solution

A Research Outsourcing Solution

A customized research outsourcing service, combining desk and primary research, providing you with the expertise and agility to make the best-informed decisions.

We operate as an extension to our client’s research teams, giving them access to scale, expertise, databases and methodologies. We perform research on countries, markets, companies, professionals and consumers, with a global coverage and unique expertise on the Middle East and Africa.

We work with large corporations, consulting firms, and public sector entities which need high quality research to make better decisions.

  • Internal research teams
    • Limitation: Teams are often subscale and face a fluctuating level of activity 
  • Executive conducted research
    • Limitation: Limited research expertise and lack of time to dedicate to extract accurate and in-depth findings or 
  • Work with market or local research firms:
    • Limitation: limited scope of support in terms of topics (generally limited to consumer insights) and geographies (local market), failing to provide comprehensive coverage of the business research needs 
  • Taking decisions without solid evidence 
    • Limitation: missing the substantial contribution of data-driven decisions to consistency and continual growth

  • A combination of strategy consulting and business research methodologies
  • Global coverage of countries and markets allowing consistent benchmark results 
  • Close integration with our clients’ teams, giving them access to our scale, expertise, and capabilities
  • A comprehensive “one-stop shop” offering, including desk research, primary research, and tech-enabled research 
  • A large team of 190+ team members, conducting research with 12 languages spoken natively 
  • Optimal confidentiality and integrity – ISO 27001 certified

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