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Our value added:

We go beyond the traditional consultancy model to provide deeper insights based on data relevancy and reliability, to enhance and boost client’s decision making.

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High-quality impactful insight

Consistently deliver high-quality insights, through a fully customizable process.

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Thought partnership

Our commitment extends beyond tasks, providing continuous value towards a thought partnership at every phase.

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Streamlined process integration

Our multilingual team seamlessly integrates into your processes, serving as a direct extension of your team.

icon Our Clients’ Challenge

We work with large corporations, consulting firms, and public sector entities which need high quality research to make better decisions.

icon Traditional solutions
  • Internal research teamsTeams are often subscale and face a fluctuating level of activity.
  • Executive conducted researchLimited research expertise and lack of time to dedicate to extract accurate and in-depth findings.
  • Work with market or local research firmsLimited scope of support in terms of topics (generally limited to consumer insights) and geographies (local market), failing to provide comprehensive coverage of the business research needs.
  • Taking decisions without solid evidenceMissing the substantial contribution of data-driven decisions to consistency and continual growth.
icon Infomineo’s solutions
  • High-end business-related designOur graphic designers combine strong design skills with business expertise to fully understand our clients’ content and advise on the most impactful way to display it.
  • Consulting backgroundFounded by former consultants, our company applies consulting experience to understanding our clients’ agendas and putting in place the processes that best fit their needs.
  • Confidentiality of informationWe are ISO 27001 certified and operate with the highest standards of information security.

Client Stories

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Frequently Asked

For any furhter questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

In which industries does Infomineo have a strong knowledge base?

Leveraging 12 years of experience, we possess in-depth expertise across various industries. Our extensive collaboration with consulting firms has equipped us with a cross-functional and cross-industry perspective, enabling us to deliver impactful results across all sectors.

Our industry-agnostic approach is defined by our comprehensive and transversal methodology, which allows us to proficiently cover a broad spectrum of industries such as financial services, healthcare, consumer goods and automotive; our methodology applies seamlessly across all industries in both private and public sectors.

Discover more about industries and clients stories.

This adaptable approach guarantees in-depth insights and strategic analyses spanning diverse sectors, providing clients with the knowledge necessary to navigate and excel in today’s dynamic business landscape. Our team comprises professionals from various backgrounds, enhancing our adaptability and flexibility to meet the unique demands of each industry.

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How does the Infomineo Business Research methodology work?

Thanks to Brainshoring, our Business Research methodology delivers high-value, actionable insights that seamlessly integrate into the consultancy ecosystem. Our specialization lies in addressing complex business challenges by leveraging the external analysis component within the consultancy model.

Upon assessing the problem, we bring high value in every step of the strategic process:

  1. Identify information: we meticulously identify relevant data to form the foundation of our insights.
  2. Aggregate information: gathering data from diverse sources, we aggregate information to ensure a comprehensive understanding.
  3. Analyze information: our team employs rigorous analytical methods to derive meaningful insights from the collected data.
  4. Provide insights: based on our analysis, we offer high value insights that boost your decision-making.
  5. Create impact: through thought partnership, we create impactful strategies that resonate with clients’ objectives.

Our research methodology is anchored in the principles of reliability and relevance. By maintaining a commitment to these standards, we ensure our data-driven insights contribute meaningfully to your business success.

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How does the Infomineo team integrate in my process?

The Infomineo team seamlessly integrates into your company’s processes through our Brainshoring model.

We provide a dedicated team of skilled professionals and dedicated management, ensuring instant access to business research support. With a focus on communication, flexibility, and customization, our team becomes an integral part of your operations, delivering impactful insights and contributing to your decision-making processes.

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How does Infomineo differ from traditional Business Research Outsourcing Providers?

The Brainshoring model is what differentiates us.

  • Value at every stage: we enhance every research stage, offering skilled talent, excellent communication, and a fully customizable process.
  • Insights over deliverables: rather than sending a standard deliverable, we provide top-notch insights fully integrated into your process, prioritizing quality and critical thinking to elevate decision-making.
  • Proximity and timeliness: our team seamlessly collaborates with clients, operating as an extension to ensure efficient operations.
  • Stable collaboration: with our retainer model, clients experience consistent collaboration with the same dedicated team, fostering efficiency and seamless communication.

Learn more about Brainshoring.

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Is Infomineo certified ISO 27001?

Yes, we are ISO 27001 certified, ensuring that we respect the highest standards of information security to safeguard your data.

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