A Comprehensive Dashboard of Key HR Metrics and Performance Indicators

A Comprehensive Dashboard of Key HR Metrics and Performance Indicators

In the realm of HR challenges, our client contacted us with a specific objective: to revolutionize their HR tracking, analysis, and reporting through an automated dashboard. Their aim was to seamlessly integrate this solution with their existing systems, while avoiding hefty costs.

Responding to their call for assistance, our dedicated team leveraged our expertise in Data Analytics.

Our mission was to unlock the untapped potential hidden within their HR data, weaving together a narrative of success, and delivering tangible outcomes.

Client Challenge

The client wanted to have an automated Human Resource Dashboard to track, analyze and report on HR KPIs. The firm was looking for:

  • Effective and quick solution
  • Smooth integration with its existing ERPs
  • Lower cost than subscribing to a dedicated HR Dashboard tool

Our Solution

The company decided to use Infomineo’ Data Analytics service as a solution to cover:

  • Data Quality & Consistency problems between the various Data sources
  • Dashboard creation reflecting the HR Team’s needs
  • Ad-hoc deliverables : Dictionaries, Creation of Metadata, Data Quality onboarding


The client benefited from Infomineo Data Analytics service on multiple fronts:

A stable and reliable data corrected in the ERPs :

    • Manual files were not used anymore.
    • Data Quality improved by 75% for critical data elements.

An organizational efficiency: 1 FTE from the HR department could be reallocated to other tasks.

A company wide transformation: the client started its Data Transformation, and tasked Infomineo to work with the client’s Finance Team to create their Financial dashboard.

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