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Our Data Analytics services are designed to empower organizations with powerful decision making through unlocking the full potential of their data.

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Instant access to high skilled talent

Instant access to highly skilled certified analysts, data scientists, engineers managed by senior management.

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Seamless AGILE integration

We operate as a direct extension of the client's team that fully integrates in his processes, data ecosystem, and security policies.

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Inside-Out business oriented approach

We elevate your internal data by complementing, enriching, and benchmarking it against external contexts, providing comprehensive insights tailored to your strategic objectives.

icon Our Clients’ Challenge

We work with large corporations, consulting firms, and public sector entities which need high quality research to make better decisions.

icon Traditional solutions
  • Internal research teamsTeams are often subscale and face a fluctuating level of activity.
  • Executive conducted researchLimited research expertise and lack of time to dedicate to extract accurate and in-depth findings.
  • Work with market or local research firmsLimited scope of support in terms of topics (generally limited to consumer insights) and geographies (local market), failing to provide comprehensive coverage of the business research needs.
  • Taking decisions without solid evidenceMissing the substantial contribution of data-driven decisions to consistency and continual growth.
icon Infomineo’s solutions
  • High-end business-related designOur graphic designers combine strong design skills with business expertise to fully understand our clients’ content and advise on the most impactful way to display it.
  • Consulting backgroundFounded by former consultants, our company applies consulting experience to understanding our clients’ agendas and putting in place the processes that best fit their needs.
  • Confidentiality of informationWe are ISO 27001 certified and operate with the highest standards of information security.

Data Analytics transforms raw data into meaningful insights

Outsource your data analytics needs to our team of experts and free up valuable time to focus on your core business. Our data analytics outsourcing services provide accurate insights and meaningful reports to help you make informed decisions. At Infomineo, we have a unique approach to Data Analytics.

Traditional model

Traditional model

Most Data Analytics companies provide standard models that they transpose from one client to another. They are specialized in Data Visualization tools, e.g., Tableau, Power BI, etc..., and work on a project basis, which makes the models hard for clients to maintain over time.

Infomineo model

Infomineo model

We understand your challenge to find the models that answer your questions. We have a multi-capabilities team that can provide you with an end-to-end approach from cleaning the data to visualizing the model output, and we work as an extension of your team, to make it easy to work with us.

Our Methodology

  • Understanding client needs and objectives

    We get a deep understanding of the client’s objectives. We then define the best data analytics strategy to answer the client’s business objective, estimate the time and type of support needed, and agree on the desired type of output.

  • Executing Data Analytics projects

    Leveraging a full range of analytics capabilities:

    Acquire and Prepare – Analyze – Deploy.

  • Delivery

    Deriving insights

    We perform in-depth quality assurance and analyze data outputs to derive insights in line with the initial request.


    We present the approach, results, and potential limitations and make sure to share all documentation and codes with the client.


Infomineo team provides a full set of skills to operate on multiple dimensions and environments

Infomineo team provides a full set of skills to operate on multiple dimensions and environments

  • Acquire and Prepare

    Unleash the power of information: Discover, Assess, Clean, and Transform Data from multiple sources with ease.

  • Analyze

    Empower your business with dynamic insights with unified Self-Service Analytics: Tackle critical business challenges using cutting-edge models.

  • Deploy

    Bringing Models to Life: Seamless deployment, monitoring, and integration into client’s infrastructure for maximum impact.

Our Data Analytics Services

Three Levels of Analytics

Three Levels of Analytics

Data Analysis

Data Science

Data Engineering

Business Oriented Approach

Business Oriented Approach

Business and Data Understanding

Delivery Management

Agile Methodology

Three Types of Data Services

Three Types of Data Services

Acquire and Prepare



Client Stories

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Frequently Asked

For any furhter questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Which Data Analytics services does Infomineo cover?

We cover a comprehensive range of Data Analytics services to address the diverse needs of our clients.  From Data analysis and visualization, to Data Science and Data Engineering
, our services include:

  • Data Management and Engineering
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Process Automation
  • Data Visualization
  • AI/ML Operations and Governance
  • Specialized AI Applications

Our goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive suite of Data Analytics services that contribute to their digital transformation and strategic decision-making processes.

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What sets Infomineo's Data Analytics apart from other service providers?

Our data analytics stands out with the innovative Brainshoring model, offering:

  • Instant access to a dedicated team of analysts, data scientists, and engineers. 
  • Seamless collaboration, customization expertise, and strategic support ensure that your organization receives tailored solutions for its unique challenges. 
  • With the Inside-Out business oriented approach we elevate your internal data by complementing, enriching, and benchmarking it against external contexts, providing comprehensive insights tailored to your strategic objectives.
  • Our senior management, comprising experienced data science and engineering professionals, takes charge of both team leadership and client communication. This ensures that clients engage directly with seasoned experts guaranteeing a higher level of expertise and understanding in the communication process.

Learn more about Brainshoring.

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How does Infomineo handle integration with our existing data systems?

We specialize in Full Process Customization, ensuring smooth integration with your existing systems. In Data Analysis, our certified expertise in leading data analytics tools, such as PowerBi and Tableau, guarantees a tailored approach that adapts seamlessly to your legacy systems and various data sources.

In Data Science, our data engineers and scientists collaborate closely with the client’s Information Technology (IT) department to seamlessly integrate Data Science models into their infrastructure, ensuring compliance with established data architecture standards. This integration is facilitated through the utilization of containerization tools such as Docker.

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How does Infomineo ensure data security and privacy?

We prioritizes data security with certifications such as ISO 27001 and compliance with EU GDPR standards. Our commitment extends to comprehensive safeguards:

  • Physical security: our offices feature segregated workspaces equipped with infrared cameras, 24/7 surveillance, computers firmly attached to desks, and a restriction on phones within the working area.
  • VPN connection: we establish a secure, encrypted communication tunnel through VPN between our local machines and the client’s server. This ensures minimal latency and maximal data security.
  • Remote access protocols: our laptops serve as interfaces exclusively for accessing remote client-owned laptops, or clients may opt to provide their own machines.
  • Email Data Security: we implement a secondary Google domain to isolate client emails, applying stringent security policies to domain users or allowing the use of client-specific email systems.
  • Compliance in hardware and software: our systems boast disabled DVD drives and USB ports ensuring a secure working environment.
  • Employee education: all our employees are thoroughly informed and trained on the intricacies of our Information Security Management System, reinforcing our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security.


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Is Infomineo certified ISO 27001?

Yes, we are ISO 27001 certified, ensuring the highest standards of security for Data Analytics projects.

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