A Solution to Accessing Quality Research

A Government Entity’s Solution to
Accessing Consistent Quality Research

Client Challenge

A government entity was staffing its economic research department with officials rotating between offshore assignments. This not only prevented the officials from focusing on their core tasks but also led to an inconsistency of data output which was of poor quality.

In an effort to find a more efficient means of conducting economic research for their assignments, the entity turned to a consulting company for advice. The consulting firm recommended they outsource their research data to companies that can perform it better and focus on their core functions. This led the government entity to reach out to Infomineo in hopes for a solution that would standardize their research activities and provide officials with the necessary research and content support.


Before opting for a retainer agreement with Infomineo, the government entity staffed Infomineo on a two-week project to assess the team’s capabilities. After seeing the output produced by the team, the government entity jumped at the opportunity of having a dedicated team support its officials on a long-term basis. The manner in which the client leveraged Infomineo’s research service quickly grew in sophistication and complexity. The client initially submitted data specific requests and slowly began to turn to its dedicated team for reports and presentations ready to be presented.

By working with Infomineo, research execution, design and packaging were noticeably faster and more efficient. In addition to this, a retainer with Infomineo provided them with access to information and data through paid subscriptions they did not previously have. Today, the department has built an excellent reputation internally and the four government officials working in this department now can’t do without the infographics, memos, and presentations prepared by the team.



As a simple means of reaching out to their dedicated team with Infomineo, the client sends requests out to a single point of contact who then conveys the message to the team and managers. The dedicated analysts work on all types of requests, with certain team members specializing in different sectors and regions. In addition to receiving ad hoc political-economic research requests from the officials’ ends, the dedicated team delivers periodical reports on economic matters, conducts analysis of trade and FDIs, and prepares strategic presentations for the client’s internal use. The dedicated team also ensures that all of the output is synthesized and designed to be presented in an easily digestible manner. After two years of working with Infomineo’s dedicated team, the client trusts in our capabilities in understanding their needs and delivering timely, quality output.

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Problems faced

Lack of quality and consistency in research output.


> Outsourcing economic research activity on a retainer basis and increase internal focus on core functions.


Access to the expertise of the largest research team within MEA.
Lower costs and same quality standards of internal teams.
Quick to implement solution and fast to scale up.