Building a database of foreign companies prospects


Infomineo assisted a company in attracting new foreign companies to open offices or outsource some of their back-office activities in a Northern African country.


Three main steps

  • Identification of specific types of companies: secondary research mainly using ratings.
  • Profiling of companies: via primary research (phone calls to companies) and secondary research (company website, financial / annual reports…)
  • Appointment setting: about 1500 emails and phone calls were made, the approach and methodology has been adapted for each country / type of company


Around 300 companies were generated for first-stage screening, and 230 companies were validated by the client. Out of the 230 companies, 204 were identified as qualified companies that we have findings on the details of the validated appointments, as well as additional information retracing the appointment settings, the phones calls, emails, evolution.


Infomineo identified 200 companies in 5 French speaking countries and organized an information meeting with outsourcing decision-makers within 100 companies.

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