As you venture through strategic initiatives and tap into new markets, gaining access to local insights from experienced professionals can place you at a competitive advantage and minimize the risk of costly errors. We can connect you with professionals in different industries on any topic of interest, take over parts of our full knowledge gathering process, and provide you with direct expert support on your project.

Connect with Experts

Connect with Experts

Let us know the expert insights you need. We locate experts in every market.

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Share your Knowledge

Share your Knowledge

Help global organizations tackle business questions and inquiries in your area of focus.

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Our clients operate in the most competitive echelons of global markets and some of the questions they have are so specific or technical that only sector experts are able to provide those answers. 

  • Rely on secondary research  
  • Limitations: 
    • Inadequate depth of information
    • Excessive time spent on research for information that does not fully address the question
  • Autonomously search for experts 
  • Limitations: 
    • Limited resources available to find relevant experts
    • Lack of specialized expertise to develop and screen potential contacts

  • Specialized screening expertise:

    Our expert network specialists are fully dedicated and specifically trained for the identification and screening of individuals who can best address our clients’ questions 

  •  Structured interview approach:

    We engage with the identified experts in a prepared and structured way in order to ensure that our clients’ questions are answered and that we obtain objective and actionable insights

  • Regional focus:

    Contrary to our other services our Expert Network focuses on experts in the EMEA region, where we have a unique edge and expertise

Our Methodology

  • Client briefing

    We set up a call with the client to clarify the need, scope the request, and align on the target profiles 

  • Research

    We conduct in-depth research based on defined criteria in order to present our clients a list of the most relevant experts for their needs

  • Screening

    We screen experts based on their ability to answer the client’s questions and overall fit and availability

  • Execution

    We schedule the call or meeting and connect the client to the expert. Based on our clients’ need, we can also assist with other services (i.e.: interview guide preparation, execution of an interview or focus group and delivery of results, etc.)



  • Specialised Consultations

    Customized sourcing for top-notch experts across multidisciplinary fields

  • Regional focus

    Contrary to our other services, our Expert Network focuses on experts in the EMEA region, where we have a unique edge and expertise

  • Multi-media capability

    We can conduct consultations through various means, including phone interviews, face-to-face meetings, workshops, focus groups, etc…

  • Engagement model customization

    We can customize consultations to fit our clients’ preferences (One hour interview, in-project placements, weekly updates)

  • A comprehensive service offering

    Our clients can complement the Expert Network consultation with our other services (i.e.: desk research to investigate any of the expert insights, translation of the consultation notes to a different language, a research report based on expert insights, etc.)

Our Expert Services

Phone Consultations with Experts

Phone Consultations with Experts

Face to Face Meetings

Face to Face Meetings



Focus Groups

Focus Groups

In-Project Placements

In-Project Placements

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