April 21 2022 | Business trends,Consulting,Research
Infomineo Academy: The Research Process

Learn how to structure your research process, how to optimize every research step, and discover the best practices for conducting high-quality research exercises

April 06 2022 | Business trends,Research
The Brainshoring approach

While other forms of service outsourcing focus entirely on execution, brainshoring takes on all steps of a solution from the positing of the question itself to packaging curation and follow-through: Intake, Execution, Delivery.

March 31 2022 | Business trends,Energy
Digitalization in Oil & Gas

Digital transformation is playing an increasingly important role in the oil and gas industry. This report highlights some of the most significant technological applications across the Oil & Gas value chain.

March 16 2022 | Business trends,Research
What is Brainshoring?

Brainshoring is the outsourcing and offshoring of activities that require critical thinking and creativity i.e. leveraging outsourced “brains” to help solve complex problems.

February 25 2022 | FMCG
Global Retail Industry trends

The global retail industry has undergone substantial change over the last few years.

In this report, we highlight the trends that have had the greatest impact on global retail, as well as the trends that are most likely to shape the future of retail in the years to come.

January 28 2022 | Fortune reports
Environmental Sustainability and the Fortune 500

Fortune 500 companies are focusing on developing sustainability policies and targets to tackle their environmental impact, yet their ambitions vary dramatically across sectors and geographies. This report analyzes the sustainability efforts of the Fortune 500 in 3 key areas, namely: climate, water, and waste. 

December 30 2021 | Business trends,Covid19
Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Supply Chain

COVID-19 has caused major global supply chain disruptions, affecting a range of industries, corporations, and governments.

In this report, we looked at some of the most affected of these, and how they are responding to supply chain risks as the pandemic continues to pose challenges.

December 27 2021 | Business trends
Global B2B eCommerce

As businesses face changes brought on by the pandemic, B2B vendors swiftly shifted to online to meet customer requirements. Therefore, the B2B eCommerce market flourished during the pandemic.

Industry experts expect the trend towards B2B e-commerce uptake seen in 2020 to be sustained during recovery. Other trends will also shape the growth trajectory of the market.

December 25 2021 | Business trends,FMCG
MENA E-commerce: Market Overview

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with an increasing focus by companies on customer convenience, have brought interesting trends that may permanently change the e-commerce space in the region.

December 12 2021 | Business trends
Consumer trends and the demand for sustainable products

Issues of sustainable production and consumption have, over the last ten years, become increasingly important in the eyes of consumers around the world. Companies have had to make changes to meet these new expectations and can expect to do more of the same in the future, in line with the continuation of this trend.

December 08 2021 | Covid19,Research
The Challenge of Post-Pandemic International Travel

International leisure travel in the post-pandemic world poses challenges to travelers ranging from PCR tests and vaccination requirements prior to departure, to quarantine periods and local safety protocols once they’ve arrived at their destination…

November 16 2021 | Business trends
Global e-commerce Market Overview

The global e-commerce market has, over the last two years, undergone revolutionary change.

Consumers have grown accustomed to buying items from the comfort of their own home – a change spurred largely by strict lockdowns and restrictions on movement – and many analysts agree that this shift in consumer behavior has propelled the e-commerce industry forward by at least five years.