Checklist to Assess a Research Deliverable

assessing research quality

At the end of a research project, the final deliverable typically consists of a detailed explanation of the topic that is being researched, the methodology used to perform the research, the data and information that was found, as well as the sources used, the calculations made to come up with the metrics, and any assumptions made that led to the final output.

Before moving forward with the information provided and basing business decisions on the findings, it is essential to review the information and ensure that the research you have been provided with is up-to-date, coherent, logical and of added value. Listed below are a series of questions that should be taken into consideration when assessing the quality of the final research output.

assessment criteria

Data accuracy
  • Are the sources leveraged reliable and known within the industry?
  • Has ambiguous data been compared through different sources?
  • Are the sources consistent across different countries, companies, etc.?
  • Is the data collection and generation process transparent?
  • Have all assumptions been reported and highlighted within the research?
  • Are the researcher contributions clearly distinct from data generated from different sources?
Data usability
  • Is the data and information easy to find and extrapolate?
  • Is the data easy to manipulate and analyse?
  • Are all the figures contextualized and clear?
Data recency
  • Is the data and information easy to find and extrapolate?
  • Is the data easy to manipulate and analyzed?
  • Are all the figures contextualized and clear?
  • Does the executive summary provide a clear overview of the topic?
  • Is the storyline coherent, providing an exhaustive understanding of the topic?
  • Can the results be easily shared with the internal team and upper management?
  • Can the research be used to support high-level meetings and foster further strategic discussions?

added value

The final, and probably the most important, question to take into consideration when assessing the output of your research is whether the information meets your knowledge needs. The findings should ultimately improve your awareness on the topic and add value to your overall decision making process.

research at Infomineo

At Infomineo, we provide our clients with various forms of deliverables based on the clients needs and research requests. Embedded within our values is to ensure that we are providing our clients with a service of high quality in a transparent manner. Our research team communicates closely with clients to define the research question in mind and brainstorm the best methodology to be used when conducting the research. Our research analysts are trained in presenting research findings that meet all of the above criteria.

To learn more about the work we support our clients with, visit our services page or submit the form below and a member of our team will reach out to you with more information.