July 24 2017

MEA Pulse: How is the Investment Environment Evolving in Kenya?

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Hosting Erickson Oduya from Infomineo’s Nairobi office, MEA Pulse Episode 3 is a discussion on the rapidly transforming country that foresees many evolving opportunities in investment, business research, and opportunities/challenges as SMEs. Significant forces such as technology adoption and infrastructure developments are facilitating the developing economy. Click play on the Soundcloud player, featuring Infomineo’s MEA Pulse Podcast, to gain more insights on how the Kenyan investment environment is evolving, and how Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) can profit from the emerging opportunities.

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Erickson’s self-introduction

Key Forces that are driving the Kenyan Economy

Import/Export and Major Trading Partners

The Evolving Investment Environment

Technology Adoption and How It Affects Other Industrial Sectors

Business Research in Kenya

The Developing Infrastructure and the According Micro Outlook

Conducting Business in Kenya as SMEs

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