Waste management company expansion

Waste management company expansion

In the dynamic waste management landscape of the MEA region, a prominent company focused on achieving growth and fostering innovation. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, they embarked on a journey to expand their services and explore fresh opportunities.

Our dedicated team undertook the task of gathering data, unearthing valuable insights, crafting strategic approaches, and identifying potential collaborations in nine countries. This involved conducting in-depth market assessments, comprehensive competitive analysis, and the exploration of new frontiers, such as hazardous waste management and renewable energies.

Through our collaboration, our team furnished the client with detailed studies, perceptive data, assisting them in making informed decisions. In this partnership, the company gained the clarity needed to navigate obstacles and unearth exciting prospects as they advanced on their mission to expand and achieve success.

Client Challenge

A leading MEA waste management company was willing to:

  1. Understand in detail the markets in which they were operating, including their market share VS competition.
  2. Prepare the business case for issuing a bond.
  3. Assess the synergies and the opportunities available on side business lines, in the same countries where it was present.

This company asked Infomineo support into identifying, assessing and sizing the opportunity and the competitive scenario.

Our Solution

An integrated team of 2 analysts and one research manager staffed full time and providing solution for the multiple data needs, through exercises like in-deep market assessment, market sizing and forecasting, competitive landscaping, value chain description, gap analysis.

The research solutions encompassed desk research in multiple language (EN, AR, FR), triangulations, modelling, primary calls, expert interviews.


Infomineo research team supported the decision-making process related to the expansion plans of our client, by providing recurrent and ad-hoc data and proprietary estimations not available elsewhere.
The deliverable included:

  1. In-deep country studies and ad-covering several waste streams, both from an historical and forward-looking perspective,
  2. Comparative opportunity assessment in several fields: hazardous waste management, biofuels, waste-to-energy- tank cleaning, refuse-derived-fuel, etc…
  3. Ad-hoc quick turnaround data for faster and more effective decision making.

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