Unraveling Green Hydrogen’s Mobility Potential in India

Unraveling Green Hydrogen’s Mobility Potential in India

In the pursuit of sustainability, a key player in the mobility industry engaged us to delve into India’s emerging green hydrogen market for advanced mobility solutions. They encountered a multifaceted challenge: India’s escalating energy demands, reliance on imports, and dedication to sustainable practices presented a distinctive array of hurdles.

Our approach was comprehensive and diverse. We meticulously analyzed current market trends, evaluated production capabilities, and scrutinized pertinent policies. Additionally, we investigated the application of green hydrogen in the automotive sector while identifying the primary competitors in this domain.

The result was an extensive collection of insights and a clear strategic vision concerning India’s potential for green hydrogen within the mobility sector. Our client gained valuable insights into market sizes, trends, and government initiatives. Our team provided a detailed competitive analysis and highlighted strategic partnership opportunities, paving the way for their entry into the market and their ascent to a leadership position in the green hydrogen revolution.

Client Challenge

Our client, a global player in the mobility industry, aimed to explore India’s burgeoning green hydrogen market, focusing on integrating it into various mobility solutions. They encountered a multifaceted challenge: India’s escalating energy demand, import reliance, and sustainability commitment elevate green hydrogen’s relevance, despite legislative, market readiness, and competitive challenges. 

Our Solution

  • Market trends and demand prospects.
  • Production capabilities, potential for export, and alignment with government targets.
  • Legislative landscape, governmental initiatives, and regulator roles.
  • Integration and adoption rates of green hydrogen in various mobility sectors including light vehicles, buses, and trucks. 
  • The competitive landscape, including main Indian companies involved in green hydrogen projects.


  • Knowledge Conduit: 

– Delivered strategic insights on the potential of green hydrogen in India’s mobility sector. 

– Provided clarity on market size, trends, and government plans.

  • Resource Dedication: 

– Engaged comprehensively with market dynamics and legislative context. 

– Utilized data-driven strategies for clear, actionable insights. 

  • Competitive Landscape Mastery: 

– Analyzed key players and their roles in the green hydrogen ecosystem. 

– Offered insights on market competition and potential collaborations.

  • Distributor and Stakeholder Profiling:

 – Examined the roles of various stakeholders in the green hydrogen value chain. 

– Provided recommendations for strategic partnerships and market entry.

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