Profiling the tourism sector within different countries

Profiling the tourism sector within different countries

Our client, a global consultancy, needed to review and update tourism-related country profiles, including key figures, tourism strategies, and government functions in each respective country.

Our solution was both efficient and precise. Committing our team’s full capacity to complete these updates within the stipulated timeframe, we primarily relied on information from official websites. Additionally, establishing a shared tracker to streamline coordination with our client.

In just 26 working days, our team not only updated many existing profiles but also crafted new ones. These profiles granted our client in-depth insights into each country, encompassing aspects of its economy and tourism.

Client Challenge

Our client, a global consultancy providing services and advice across a wide range of sectors,  aimed to validate and update diverse tourism-oriented country profiles across multiple scopes.

Our Solution

  • Supported the client in validating and updating diverse tourism-oriented country profiles across multiple scopes.
  • Leveraged the team’s full capacity to complete the updates within the required timeline.
  • Primarily leveraged official websites to ensure accuracy and timeliness of the information given the dynamic nature of the scope.
  • Created a shared tracker to showcase details per profile, including time dedicated, key comments, sources, and suggestions to facilitate coordination with the client.


  • In the span of 26 working days, we worked on Capturing insights under various scopes including officials’ biographies, tourism strategy, and political framework.

Updated 176 PPT files for the selected countries and created profiles for 2 additional countries.

− Each profile covered a country overview, quantitative economic indicators, qualitative insights on international affairs, and several tourism-oriented highlights allowing the client to understand the position of each country’s tourism sector.

− Provided real-time editing and updates to urgent and pressing profiles when needed .

  • Worked closely with multiple counterparts to ensure effective coordination in editing and generating multiple slides.
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