Multinational food company profiling

Multinational food company profiling

Lucke, a Director in a multinational food company, was looking for a fast, accurate, and effective research solution to consider acquiring a European company. They required information on three different countries and two languages that they did not speak.

We understood that Lucke had a short timeframe and limited internal capacity to carry out such an extensive exercise.

Infomineo provided support in the three different target countries, using its proprietary research approach to blend both primary and secondary research with social listening.

This allowed us to provide our client with an evaluation of their competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, effectively identify opportunities and threats, distinguish market trends or environment changes as well as gather key intelligence that will be essential for strategic planning.

Client Challenge

The company was looking for:

  • Effective and quick output.
  • Close collaboration with its internal research teams.
  • Limited time available and incoming summer break.

Our Solution

The global food company decided to leverage Infomineo’s research services as a solution to cover:

  • 3 different geographies in Europe through primary and secondary research in these countries’ national languages (two of which the client company staff did not speak).


  • Commissioning a new companies’ profiling exercise.
  • Covering additional geographies in Europe.
  • Branching out to other services (social listening, database building).
  • Research approach includes primary research, secondary research and social media screening.
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