Locations competitiveness

Locations competitiveness

In a multicultural world, where collaborations cross borders, it is important to consider the local nuances. Brandon, a Business Development Director in a top consulting firm, was looking to open several innovation hubs across multiple geographies. Brandon wanted a cost-effective and quick assessment of the competitiveness of 30+ cities around the globe.

With Infomineo’s vast pool of researchers and global network of offices, we supported Brandon by creating a ranking model to aid decision-making in selecting a location, while taking specific factors into account to personalize their experience.

Infomineo’s key focus on problem-solving and offering necessary levels of insight gave us an edge in delivering excellence. Our research enabled the firm to make more informed decisions about its geographic expansion as well as create a long-term relationship that prompts the firm to contact Infomineo for future research needs.

Client Challenge

The firm needed:

  • A robust methodology to assess the competitiveness of 30+ cities across the globe.
  • Lower cost than hiring and retaining research analysts internally.

Our Solution

  • Leveraging Infomineo’s research expertise in problem solving and providing the right level insight required.
  • Building a ranking model to facilitate decision making related to choosing a location while taking into considerations specific factors that are important to the client.


  • Great research value, allowing the client to make better informed
    decisions related to their geographic expansion.
  • A comprehensive model that the client can use and experiment
    with internally.
  • Long lasting relationship that makes the client contact Infomineo for future needs.
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