Industries’ Market Reports

Navigating Industries Through In-Depth Market Reports

Our client was seeking comprehensive market reports across various industries including die-cast tooling and mold manufacturing, CNC machines, aluminum furnaces and casters, robots, refractories and refractory services, foundry/mill services, and tooling and mold repair services.

Through advanced web searches and research frameworks, our team leveraged consultancy firm reports, specialized magazines and newsletters, and international organizations’ websites to gather valuable industry insights. The outcome was a comprehensive deliverable that included a curated list of reports, relevant companies, and direct download links for accessing the reports from their original sources.

Our client gained valuable market intelligence, empowering them to make knowledgeable decisions and plan strategically.

Client Challenge

Infomineo supported the client with the objective of obtaining market reports from the following industries:

  • Die cast tooling and mold manufacturing
  • CNC machines
  • Aluminum furnaces and casters
  • Robots
  • Refractories and refractory services
  • Foundry / Mill services
  • Tooling and mold repair services

Our Solution

Conducting advanced web search and building a research framework
consisting of:

  • Leveraging Consultancy Firm Reports related to the industries in scope.
  • Looking for specialized magazines and newsletters that provide related insights.
  • Leveraging International Organizations’ websites to explore all the material available related to the industries in scope.


A comprehensive deliverable that included:

  • A list of reports with their publishers, release date, and industry segment they belong to.
  • A list of companies that are relevant to the industry segments in scope.
  • Links to download the reports directly from the original source
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