Assessment of Gypsum based construction products market

Assessment of Gypsum based construction products market

Within habitat and construction materials domain, a renowned industry leader contacted us to help them surpass the challenge faced while wanting to expand their horizons and improve business performance.

Our team used a blend of top-down and bottom-up approaches to conduct extensive research. They analyzed official statistics, industry reports, and publications, while also engaging in distribution channel visits, cold calling, and expert interviews.

Based on the insights provided, our client has gained a decisive edge, unveiling not only exciting opportunities but also highlighting the indisputable value of strategic research and expert guidance in achieving success in business.

Client Challenge

A global leader in the habitat and construction materials markets wanted an assessment of Gypsum based construction products market to explore further opportunities and improve its business performance in the country in order to deploy the salesforce on the ground.

• An estimation of the market size of the gypsum based construction products.

• A competitive landscape to understand the size and the threat of the low added value substitute products.

• The market perception of the existing brands in the market in terms of quality, and reliability.

Our Solution

To address the client’s needs, Infomineo leveraged a mix of top down and bottom up approaches including secondary and primary research.

The analysis was conducted using reports from the Official statistics on the industry (GVA/Gross sales/Production), local industry associations , player’s publications and basic/advanced press research. Distribution channel visits, cold calling, and expert interviews were also leveraged.

Weekly project progress updates were sent to the client and weekly calls took place to align on key structure and elements to research, which was especially important in such a topic where new insights emerge daily.


Infomineo researched and investigated:

• Market Size: Gypsum based construction products market size across the past 3 years (Plaster from Gypsum and other materials for the indoor use, Gypsum Plasterboard, Gypsum Ceilings).

• Competitive Landscape: Information regarding the industry value chain and the companies’ related information (Top 5 Brands, Product Mapping per Brand, Volume/Market Share, Product characteristics).

• Market Perception: Market reputation and positioning of each brand were shared . While the brands were classified as high end/premium, mid range, or entry level/low level brands.

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