Global Engineering Company Expands Operations in MEA

Global engineering company expands operations in MEA

The company was interested in expanding its business within different segments in MEA.

They wanted to identify the biggest market potentials and define a potential entry strategy. However the data scarcity and inconsistencies were hindering their efforts in making an informed decision.

Infomineo leveraged its experience dealing with similar hindrances and limitations. Its presence on the ground helps access the right experts it also has different language capacities that allow reaching the best available information.

Infomineo delivered market reports identifying the countries with the best potential for the client’s products as well as potential entry strategies.

Client Challenge

The firm needed:

  • Scarcity and inconsistencies of data in MEA
  • Huge region to cover
  • Access to the best experts on the Market

Our Solution

  • Infomineo leveraged the most reliable data sources as well as profiling the best regional and country experts
  • Infomineo expertise, on-the-ground presence in the MEA region, and its different language capacities allowed it to reach the best available information


  • Great research value, allowing the client to make better informed
  • Infomineo’s research team reached out to the best subject matter experts on the region and on a country level
  • Long lasting relationship that makes the client contact Infomineo for future needs.
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