ESG Policy Indicators Assessment across 17 countries

ESG Policy Indicators Assessment across 17 countries

Our client, a leading global insights agency, had a crucial task at hand: evaluating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies across 17 countries in the Middle East and Africa within a strict timeframe. They required a strategy capable of navigating intricate data to ensure a meaningful comparison among the diverse policy landscapes.

To meet this challenge, our team devised a precise and effective methodology. The outcome was a meticulously crafted research framework tailored specifically to the client’s needs. This framework not only established an intuitive rating system but also offered a thorough assessment of policies, neatly presented in an easily accessible Excel format.

This strategic collaboration not only met the agency’s stringent deadline but also provided a detailed, user-friendly analysis, empowering their decision-making within this critical sector.


Client Challenge

A renowned global insights agency, renowned for combining top-tier research with cutting-edge economic and social analysis to devise impactful strategies, approached our team. They sought our assistance for conducting a policy assessment covering 7 ESG-related indicators, comprising 37 questions, across 17 countries in the Middle East and Africa

Our Solution

  • Supported the client in defining the priorities of the research so that it aligned with their objectives.
  • Presented a methodology that could achieve the client’s objectives in a very limited timeframe.
  • Provided a clear framework that ensured that the research outcomes were comparable across countries. This also included the provision of additional sources and a glossary with key policy indicator-related terms used as reference to ensure accurate categorization of the questions.



  • Acted as a project partner, Infomineo took the time to grasp the client’s intended use for this research and worked collaboratively to tailor the deliverable to their specific needs. 

− Dedicated two research analysts to the project to ensure clients’ tight deadline was being met. 

  • Helped in elaborating an analysis and rating system that enabled the client to conduct an evaluation of countries’ ESG policies.

− Created an index classification criteria, aligned with the client’s needs. 

− Built a framework that was clear and easy to assess.

− Established transparent lines of communication with the client, ensuring that they were kept informed about the progress and results of Infomineo’s research efforts. 

− Designed an Excel file deliverable, incorporating data and prioritizing comprehensiveness and user- friendliness.

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