entertainment sector licenses in KSA-cs

Entertainment Sector Licenses in Saudi Arabia

A management consulting firm was interested in studying the licenses required for 25 investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

Ahmed, an Associate reached out to Infomineo to benefit from our expertise in the public sector and regulatory matters, proficiency in local languages, and multifaceted approach.

Our team analyzed the information collected and identified the licenses required for each of the 25 investment opportunities.

An in-depth report was presented to the client, including details on the licenses required for each investment opportunity, a description of each license, the issuing entities, and additional requirements per opportunity.

The client was impressed with the outcome, they appreciated the insights provided by our analysts and the thoroughness of the research conducted.

Client Challenge

The study aims to understand the:

  • Licenses  required for diverse investment opportunities in the entertainment sector 
  • Issuing entities of the licenses 
  • A description of each license 

Our Solution

The consulting firm decided to leverage Infomineo’s research services to utilize our public sector and regulations knowledge, local language capabilities, and multidimensional approach.

Thus, we adopted a combined primary and secondary research approach entailing:

  • Exhaustive desk research covering regulations, official websites, and press sources
  • Outgoing calls to relevant entities to collect and validate the most significant and critical data


A comprehensive benchmark of the licenses required per opportunity, including:

  • 6 to 12 licenses and permits across multiple entities per investment opportunity 
  • A description of each required license
  • The issuing entity of each required license 
  • Confirmations for the requirements via multiple sources 
  • Additional findings captured through our research 
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