Digital Transformation Initiatives.

Digital Transformation Initiatives

In the vast landscape of business strategies and technological advancements, a renowned strategic consulting firm embarked on a quest to gather a comprehensive catalog of public announcements that highlighted the remarkable journeys of various industries undergoing digital transformation.

Seeking to uncover the secrets behind these successful endeavors, the firm contacted us, to construct a meticulously curated catalog, carefully assembling the public disclosures that showcased cross-industry digital transformation initiatives, all fueled by the power of cloud services.

As a result, our team delivered a comprehensive solution that fully supported the consulting client during their strategy meeting with their own client.

Client Challenge

The client reached out to Infomineo requiring a catalog encompassing public disclosures of cross-industry digital transformation initiatives leveraging a major player in the cloud services sector with the purpose of acquiring:

  • Insights into partnerships, collaborations, and customer adoption
  • Specifics including the size of deals, timeframe, and underlying business rationales

Our Solution

Infomineo leveraged advanced web search, and premium databases such as Factiva, Orbis, and Capital IQ with the objective of:

  • Identifying partnership and collaboration mentions in announcements or conference transcripts.
  • Retrieving financial news and company performance data.


An all-encompassing deliverable resulting in:

  • Landscape of various organizations’ affiliations, synergies, and transactions with one major player in the cloud services industry.
  • The research support provided by Infomineo helped their consulting client in preparation for a strategy meeting with their own client
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