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Our client, a prominent professional services firm, wanted to understand and manage the challenges of cybersecurity worldwide, especially in the Middle East. They sought a comprehensive update on the cybersecurity market, delving into the realms of artificial intelligence, technology, and the emerging threats that define this dynamic domain.

Our team employed industry trackers, premium news databases, and expert interviews to identify crucial cybersecurity events. The result was a customized tapestry of insights finely tuned to our client’s needs, shedding light on competitive strategies and industry movements with a global and local perspective.

The success of our collaboration sprang from a shared commitment to common objectives, showcasing our profound comprehension and personalized approach to the intricacies of cybersecurity.


Client Challenge

Our client needed:

  • An executive-level briefing on the critical news, events, and trends in cybersecurity practices globally and within the Middle East.
  • A cybersecurity market update outlining key areas: technology, AI, threats, corporate actions, incidents, and quotes.
  •  A need for significant global and regional news, valuing competitor insights and creative information to support them in their role of overseeing regional cybersecurity.

Our Solution

  • Supported the client and identified important cybersecurity events by leveraging industry trackers and the premium news database Factiva for press monitoring.
  •  Advised the client to employ expert interviews and alternative research methods for valuable insights.
  • Provided a comprehensive framework considering the client’s pillars, service lines, event disruption, geographical scope, impact, and industry stakeholders.


  • Acted as a thought partner and built a comprehensive approach tailored to our client’s needs.
  • Assisted our client in gaining insights into their competitors’ developments.

-Building a framework that is tailored to our client’s pillars, service lines, and interests.

-Understanding and tracking the top 10 industry trends and focus subjects.

-Analyzing data gathered from local and global market insights, press monitoring, and expert interviews to deliver the key insights and implications for our client.

  • We accomplished the objective of cultivating a strong client rapport, enabling us to develop a research scope, methodology, and deliverables uniquely tailored to their specialized needs and niche requirements.
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