Cybersecurity market landscape in Saudi Arabia

Cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia

Our client was a multinational research firm looking to understand the cybersecurity market landscape in Saudi Arabia, including market size, growth potential, key players, and regulatory environment.

Our team conducted extensive research on the Saudi Arabian cybersecurity market, using a combination of primary and secondary sources.

We also interviewed key industry players, including cybersecurity providers and industry experts, to gain insights into the market.

Based on our research, we provided our client with a comprehensive report that included an in-depth analysis of the cybersecurity market in KSA.

Client Challenge

The client needed to conduct a study on the cybersecurity market in KSA, covering different segments from cybersecurity education, to investments in the sector, and cybersecurity local and foreign providers 

The study aims to understand the:

  • Available cybersecurity educational opportunities
  • R&D capabilities and efforts 
  • Attractiveness of CS Industry for investors
  • Challenges and opportunities of the KSA cybersecurity market for local and foreign vendors
  • The cybersecurity market size, market players, growth potential, products and services offerings, talent and skills gap, and hiring and retention pain points

Our Solution

A combined primary and secondary research approach entailing:

  • Conduct interviews with experts who are engaged in each of the covered segment in the study, in collaboration with our third-party provider
  • Complement the outcome of the interviews with secondary research to validate the reported information by experts
  • Combine information extracted from expert interviews and secondary research to analyze the sector specifications from the perspective of different stakeholders 


A comprehensive report including in-depth analysis on cybersecurity market in KSA :

  • Available cybersecurity educational offerings
  • Cybersecurity labor market, with the available local talent, skills gap by seniority, hiring process, and timeline
  • Type of investments and main players in cybersecurity in KSA
  • Saudi market attractiveness and pain points for local and foreign cybersecurity providers
  • Spending and available R&D effort Cybersecurity product and services offerings
  • Cybersecurity market outlook in KSA
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