Cybersecurity Competitive Analysis in the Middle East and Globally

Cybersecurity Competitive Analysis in the Middle East and Globally

Sarah, a consultant at one of the largest consulting firms, recognized that there was a growing need within her team for a deeper understanding of the cybersecurity market.

Determined to stay ahead of the curve and seize new opportunities, she embarked, with Infomineo, on a quest to explore the global and Middle Eastern cybersecurity landscape.

Our team was excited to assist Sarah. We began with extensive research into the global cybersecurity market, and we meticulously analyzed market reports, industry trends, and emerging technologies.

Then, for an even more holistic view, we conducted interviews and surveys with industry experts in both the global and Middle Eastern cybersecurity sectors. Armed with this new-found knowledge, Sara was able to leverage the insights from the report to fine-tune her team’s value proposition, aligning it with the evolving needs of the cybersecurity market.

Client Challenge

Our client needed to deepen their knowledge on their peers’ cybersecurity business models, identify success factors and best practices as well as understand their market positioning and how they can fill any market need / gap. The study aims to understand:

• The cybersecurity market size, market players, growth potential, products and services offerings, value proposition, talent and skills gap.

• Challenges and opportunities of the global and Middle Eastern cybersecurity market.

Our Solution

A combined primary and secondary research approach entailing:

• Conducting interviews with experts who have extensive experience in the cybersecurity sector.

• Complementing the interviews outcome with secondary research to validate the reported information by experts.

• Combining information extracted from expert interviews and secondary research to analyze our client’s market positioning, competitive advantage and market gaps.


A comprehensive report including in depth peer analysis on the cybersecurity practice in the Middle East:

• Products and services offerings within the cybersecurity practice across all companies under study.

• Industry challenges and trends both globally and regionally.

• Insights about market gaps and the positioning of our client in cybersecurity as compared to peers.

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