Benchmarking Municipalities’ Real Estate Mandates Globally

Benchmarking Municipalities’ Real Estate Mandates Globally

A leading international consulting firm, renowned for advising a majority of Fortune 500 companies and boasting a presence in over 150 countries, sought to enhance citizen satisfaction for a municipal authority. Their objective centered on delving deep into real estate mandates adopted by municipalities worldwide.

Our team identified and analyzed the best practices in municipal real estate management. Leveraging our extensive resources, we engaged in interviews with seven industry experts and conducted a comprehensive benchmarking analysis spanning five crucial mandate areas.

The result was a detailed report, providing our client with the insights necessary to refine and elevate the municipality’s real estate operations thereby supporting their endeavor to improve the quality of life for its citizens. Our findings provided a strategic juxtaposition of organizational structures and operational models across various real estate asset categories, equipping the client with knowledge to spearhead transformative change within their community.

Client Challenge

Our client, a prominent international consulting firm, offered their expertise to a municipal authority. Seeking to elevate the quality of life and bolster citizen satisfaction within this municipality, they engaged us to help comprehend real estate mandates across municipalities worldwide.

Our Solution

  •  Identified top performing municipalities in terms of real estate mandates.
  •  Provided a comprehensive benchmark – a multifaceted approach to evaluate, analyze and compare the selected municipalities emphasizing five key mandate areas. 
  •  Interviewed 7 industry experts with extensive knowledge on the topic.


  • Completed a comprehensive benchmark report of over 100 slides providing detailed insights regarding 5 municipal authorities’ real estate mandates globally. 
  • Analyzed the organizational structure of the departments in charge of real estate within the benchmarked municipalities.
  •  Examined the operating models concerning the identified mandates in detail.
  •  Provided insights and analyses by real estate asset class (housing, commercial and retail, hospitality, soft infrastructure, etc…). 
  • Summarized and provided analytical comparison on relevant metrics across the 5 benchmarked municipal authorities.

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