Assessing the Global Urban Planning and Development Services Market

Assessing the Global Urban Planning and Development Services Market

A global consultancy engaged us to support an urban planning department in the GCC, aiming to expand their services. We dissected the urban planning market into architectural, planning, and strategy consulting services, tapping into vast data sources for comprehensive insights.

Despite data limitations, our innovative methods evaluated urban development demands and detailed urban tech solutions. We ensured the accuracy of our market coverage through meticulous sanity checks. As collaborative thought partners, we constructed an extensive database detailing market sizes, shares, growth, and competitive analysis by service type and geography.

Our efforts equipped the client with the data-driven insights needed to identify key markets and strategic opportunities for expanding their urban planning services globally.


Client Challenge

Our client, a global consultancy, is helping the Urban Planning (UP) Department of a local government authority in the GCC expand its advisory services locally, regionally, and internationally, by assessing the most needed UP services across the value chain and key target markets.


Our Solution

  • Divided the Urban Planning market intro three components which are Architectural Services, Urban Planning Services, and Strategy Advisory & Consulting Services.
  • Leveraged in-depth industry reports and statistics for each component through premium and open-source databases to get historical and forecast data.
  • Overcame data limitations through alternative bottom-up approaches such as assessing urban population growth and the demand for urban development services by type across large cities, along with other methodologies. 
  • Deep-dived into the urban tech sub-component to further segment it into front-end and back-end solutions by type and better understand the role of each solution in the urban development spectrum.
  • Conducted a sanity check on the extracted and calculated data along with their sub-components to confirm the full coverage of each market and avoid double counting sub- components across overlapping markets and reports.


  • Acted as a thought partner to the client by brainstorming on different approaches that would yield a comprehensive view of the industry.
  • Created an exhaustive database that includes the market size, share, growth, and competitive landscape of each component by application, end-user industry, and geography.
  • Paved the way for the client to identify the largest markets by geography and types of service, and eventually assess global market penetration opportunities.

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