Electric Vehicles market

Analysis of Customer Journeys in the Electric Vehicle Market

Karen, the manager of a prominent consulting firm, sought an in-depth study to comprehend and evaluate customer journeys within the Electric Vehicle (EV) market, with a specific focus on the leading brands in the US, Europe, and China.

Our team implemented a rigorous selection process, focusing on renowned electric car brands. Subsequently, a comprehensive analysis of these chosen brands was conducted, scrutinizing their exemplary practices. This allowed our team to discern the unique attributes that set each brand apart and contributed to their excellence throughout every phase of the customer journey.

Our findings provided a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions with top electric car brands, capturing the essence of each brand’s uniqueness and the impact of their strategies on customer journeys.

Client Challenge

Our client faced challenges in understanding the complex and varying customer journeys within the dynamic EV market. The myriad of brands and market specificities across the US, Europe, and China, presented a significant analytical challenge.


Our Solution

  • Supported the client in selecting/evaluating top EV brands based on market shares and customer satisfaction indices.
  • Provided insight into the best practices of each brand, focusing on customer touchpoints, channels, and other significant factors.
  • Highlighted unique aspects of each brand’s customer journey at different stages such as awareness, consideration, etc…


  • Information Catalyst:

Delivered in-depth insights on customer journeys of top EV brands.

Clarified unique aspects of each brand’s customer journey.

  • Resource Deployment:

Conducted comprehensive analyses of diverse customer journeys.

Utilized a data-driven approach to highlight key findings.

  • Competitive Landscape Insight:

Identified unique customer journey features of competitors.

Evaluated the market impact of best practices.

  • Brand Profiling:

Analyzed brands’ customer touchpoints and channels.

Decoded the influence of brand strategies on customer journey dynamics.

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