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In the past, decision-makers could get away with basing business decisions solely on instinct and experience. However, today’s competitive and fast changing markets call for fact-based decision making. Access to quality and tailored information has now become a key competitive differentiator and an essential asset to preserve and grow a business.

Your Business Research Partner

Infomineo is a research outsourcing provider, based in Africa and the Middle East, with a global team of data collection and analysis experts dedicated to helping you solve your data challenges. Our global coverage, best practice research methodologies and sense of service allow us to provide our clients with access to premium research and an unparalleled customer experience, leading to decision making success.

what we do

Business Research

Our research team is dedicated to delivering high quality research tailored to specific client needs.

InfoMEA Expert Network

Our InfoMEA Expert Network connects you with qualified practitioners and professionals in different industries to answer your questions on Africa and the Middle East.

Executive Search

Our Executive Search team takes care of the research intensive phases of your recruitment process.

Business Translation

Our business translation team hold the necessary business background to accurately and effectively translate complex business related documentation.