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In the bustling landscape of business process outsourcing (BPO), an Italian firm set its sights on expanding its portfolio and market share, they needed insights into the market size, macro and micro industry drivers, and a thorough analysis of national competitors, including their service offerings.

To address this challenge, our team devised a solution that would uncover the complexities of the Italian BPO market and guide our client’s strategic decisions. We began by identifying trends through meticulous screening of macro-economic factors, analysis of specific Italian and EU legislation, and studying sectoral and industry reports.

Our comprehensive approach also included a competitor benchmarking exercise. We analyzed the financial performance and business strategies of competitors, while mapping their service portfolios. 

The outcome was a comprehensive market assessment that empowered our client in their decision-making process. 

Client Challenge

For an Italian BPO firm seeking to expand its portfolio and market share, the client required a comprehensive study of the Italian BPO service market. The market study had to cover the following sections:

• Total and segmented market size
• Macro and micro industry drivers
• National competitor profiling including service offering mapping


Our Solution

Identifying trends in the market:

  • Macroeconomic factors and estimates screening.
  • Analysis of specific Italian and EU legislation.
  • Sectoral and industry reports analysis.

Competitor benchmark:

  • Financial analysis and multi- year performance.
  • Business strategy analysis from public and private disclosures.
  • Portfolio map.


A comprehensive market assessment, providing detailed context to the client recommendation-making process

A complex PPT presentations of 57 slides structured as follows:

  • Market Overview: 16 slides.
  • BPO trends and drivers: 14 slides.
  • Competitor benchmark: 19 slides.
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