Growth opportunities in the Industrial Machinery sector

Growth opportunities in the Robotics and Industrial Machinery sectors

In the Industrial Machinery sector, the adoption of robotics is being driven by the need for increased manufacturing productivity and closer collaboration between humans and machines. Many companies now need to have a clearer understanding of this rapidly growing market.

Luisa, a senior manager in an industrial machinery company, contacted Infomineo to help them navigate the market’s key trends and competitive landscape and to identify the market gaps and opportunities.

Our team combined both qualitative and quantitative approaches, including screening of relevant clients, and identifying potential customers’ products, and revenues. They also conducted a trade analysis to identify top importing and exporting regions. Based on the information provided, the client was able to understand the market structure and to strategically expand R&D coverage to products where they can achieve a competitive advantage.

Client Challenge

Our client needed to:

  • Build a comprehensive list of potential customers and identify products/manufacturing hubs
  • Assess the addressable market and identify gaps and opportunities
  • Collect global insights with regard to key trends and the competitive landscape

Our Solution

A combined qualitative and quantitative approach entailing:

  • Screening of relevant clients through the use of our premium databases
  • Identification of potential customers’ products, revenues, manufacturing locations, and end-user industries
  • Trade analysis to identify top importing and exporting geographical regions
  • Press and industrial reports search to identify key trends


  • Estimation of our client’s potential customers’ market size.
  • Identification of major manufacturing hubs to target.
  • Creation of a database of customers’ products that enabled the identification of gaps and opportunities.
  • Understanding key trends with regard to technology, geographical expansions, new products, etc.

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