Benchmarking Classic Car Museums in GCC

Benchmarking Classic Car Museums in GCC

Our client sought to assess classic car museums in the GCC region, aiming for a comprehensive understanding of their operational, financial, and regulatory aspects.

Our solution was rooted in meticulous research and local language expertise. We conducted secondary research, tapping into regulations, official websites, and recorded interviews with key stakeholders.

Our partnership extended beyond data collection. We provided our client with extensive insights, covering operational, commercial, and financial key performance indicators across nine museums. Furthermore, we examined classic car import regulations in three regions and expanded our research to encompass global museums, maintenance services, luxury and classic car showrooms, and annual ownership costs.


Client Challenge

Our client, a global consultancy, sought to benchmark classic cars museums in GCC aiming to address various aspects, including operational, financial, and regulatory considerations to gain a holistic view of the classic car ecosystem within the region.

Our Solution

Supported the client through utilizing our research capabilities, in addition to our local language knowledge to conduct:

  • Secondary research covering regulations, official websites, and recorded interviews with relevant stakeholders.
  • Outgoing calls to museums and car workshops to validate and supplement our findings.


  • Dedicated a team of 4 FTEs for the request to assure full coverage of the exercise within our client tight timeline
  • On the span of ~ 8 working days we managed to:

− Identify ~230 findings covering diverse operational, commercial and financials KPIs across 9 Museums.

− Capture regulations on importing classic cars in 3 geographies.

  • Additionally, upon client request we expanded our research for a broader coverage and more comprehensive results covering the following:

− Other museums outside the GCC region.

− Regional/global maintenance services providers.

− Luxury and classic cars showrooms.

− An overview of classic cars annual ownership costs.

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