Target screening support in the due diligence process of an acquisition


A large multinational pharmaceutical group considering the acquisition of a Moroccan firm that owns a manufacturing or import license.


  • Primary Research: interviews wtih industry experts; phone interviews with managers from the companies owning manufacturing license
  • Secondary Research: complement the information gathered in the interview on the short list of companies: contact, financials and other relevant findings


Infomineo was able to put together a list of companies owning manufacturing/import licenses, with a full description: name, location, key figures, management, distribution capabilities, insights from our contacts in the Moroccan pharmaceutical field, and financials; we also conducted company profiling for each of the selected target, including: company name, location, key figures, management, distribution capabilities, financials, a focus on the manufacturing facilities, a focus on the product range offered and the products manufactured locally.


Our findings support the fact that it’s possible to get a pharmaceutical license and an “import authorization” through the acquisition of a local company owning a manufacturing facility.

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