Sizing and Mapping the Value Chain of Crops in Angola


A leading European seeds and crops protection producer who was interested in developing its presence in the Angolan market reached out to Infomineo to conduct a market size as well as the value chain of four crops.


Demand-side Analysis

In response to the client need, we combined both primary and secondary research to conduct a demand and crop analysis for the different regions of Angola to define which regions had the highest demand for which crop type.

As per the client’s request, Infomineo referred to interviews with experts within the market to get an understanding of the consumption per capita, market size and marking for each crop type. It used insights from these experts as well as secondary research on recent exports to understand the existing demand for the product and the export potential. Sources used for secondary research included press search via a number of databases including Factiva, InfoMEA press tool, and UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) database, as well as data from local agro-chemical companies and their distribution network, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Pesticide Registration Office and the Plant Protection Authority.

Value Chain Maturity

To understanding how established the value chain is for the four crop types, our research team conducted an end to end value chain definition and margin breakdown. To collect this information, our research team referred to data collected through on the ground interviews with key government officials and key players within the value chain including farmers, agriculture input retailers, supermarkets and NGOs.


Infomineo provided its client with the top four crops based on the opportunity and value capture potential. The team performed a demand and crop analysis for the different regions of Angola and determined which regions had the highest demand for which crop. Our findings also included an agro-ecological zone mapping of Angola and a value chain maturity analysis of key channel players.


Infomineo was able to study the value chain for 4 crops within Angola, identify key players at each step, characterize demand and supply, and at last, delivered the client with perspectives on margins and pain-points along the value chain. In turn, this helped the client assess and define its strategy for expanding within the Angolan market.

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