A Solution to Expanding Business Operations in the MEA Region

A Global Healthcare Service Company’s Solution to Expanding
its Business Operations in the MEA Region

Client Challenge

A global healthcare service provider was looking to expand its business operations and invest in specific countries in the Middle East and Africa region. To support their investment decisions in the region, the company needed ongoing information to understand the main markets they would target. However, accessing accurate data on countries in the Middle East and Africa was very challenging due to the scarcity of quality information in the region.


The healthcare service provider turned to Infomineo due to their expertise and on-the-ground presence in the Middle East and Africa region. They established a program where the Infomineo team would focus their primary research efforts on a specific country at a time, supporting the firm with their ongoing decision-making process on which countries to expand their operations in.


In addition to ad hoc research requests from the client, the dedicated team at Infomineo provides the client with detailed market studies for selected countries that allow the client to make accurate strategic decisions for their business. These studies provide insights such as market sizes, competitive landscapes, price benchmarks and details on a country’s policies and regulations. Roughly 70% of the research conducted on specific countries is primary research in the form of store checks and visits. In parallel to this, the team at Infomineo send along customized bi-monthly newsletters to keep the client up to date with industry updates within the region.
Today, the client is confident in our deliverables and trust the quality of the work at Infomineo, with minimal adjustments ever needed to the research team’s deliverables.

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Problems faced

Access to accurate information in the MEA region.


On the ground MEA presence on a full-time basis to support strategic expansion plans.


Access to the expertise of the largest research team within MEA.
Lower costs and same quality standards of internal teams.
Quick to implement solution and fast to scale up.