Pharmaceutical Market in Sub-Saharan Africa


  • Request Objectives: providing the agency with a contact list of 100 delegates for the upcoming networking event and analyzing the pharmaceutical market in Sub-Saharan Africa highlighting the most attractive markets in the region and explaining the various operational strategies implemented by different multinational companies.


  • Identification and long-listing of over 100 pharmaceutical companies across the Sub-Saharan Africa region based on pre-determined selection categories such as significant revenue turnover, number of employees, geographical presence, and other indicators
  • Short list 100 delegates to be invited and subsidized by the event organizer and adding the contact information for the selected candidates
  • Analyzing the pharmaceutical sector in Sub-Saharan Africa based on certain macro-economic indicators and collecting insights on the attractiveness of the sector and strategies used to enter the market


  • Every country within Sub-Saharan Africa is different in its market dynamics – strategies may differ from one market to the other based on its dynamics
  • It is advised to approach not more than 1-2 markets at a time to ensure success in the region
  • Recently companies have been now more inclined to choose distribution agreements with local partners rather than having their direct presence.
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