Market sizing and insights on the pasta market in Tunisia


A MENACA based food-processing company considering the penetration of the pasta market in Tunisia reached out to Infomineo requesting research on the market size, competitive landscape, distribution channels, and regulations concerning government subsidy on prices.

Infomineo’s Research Approach

  • Secondary research: Use of reports published by relevant ministries, Investment promotion agencies, companies’ annual reports, professional associations.
  • Primary research: phone calls with Tunisian representatives from the National Center of Statistics, the Agency of Investment Promotion, and market leaders to gather information and double check findings.
  • Modeling: Development of a model to size the Tunisian pasta market based on 3 approaches.


Our team was able to estimate the size of the Tunisian Pasta market through a model that they developed with three main approaches. It was also able to conduct a complete competitive landscape of the pasta market, taking a look at the pasta and couscous producers in Tunisia and their production capacity and the distribution channels used. Finally, we were able to assess the variation of the price between local and foreign products due to government subsidies and its effect on the market share of foreign players.


Infomineo sized the Tunisian Pasta market, provided an overview on the competitive landscape, identified distribution channels, and research regulations concerning government subsidy of prices, which in turn supported the client’s decision-making process on whether to expand its operations in Tunisia.

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