Market Sizing the Addressable Real Estate Market in Cairo

Mapping and Assessing the Addressable Real Estate Market in Cairo

An online real-estate platform turned to our research team to conduct a market assessment of the Greater Cairo real estate landscape that detailed the current size of the real estate market, the value chain for the sales and rental market as well as a definition of the key players within the market, their advertising spending, and the related regulations that govern the different players. Additionally, the company requested a market profiling of real estate brokers based on the size of their organization, the type of clients they serve, the volume value of deals they conduct, and the types of properties they specialize in. The Infomineo research team handled the clients request in three phases.


Secondary Research

The first phase was conducting secondary research to build a comprehensive database of property types published for sales throughout different media vehicles online and offline and which brokers were selling them. Within this phase, the team also focused its research on defining the current regulations that are impacting the real estate market in Egypt and producing company profiles on the key players within the market.

Primary Research

The second phase of the project was to conduct primary research to capture the market that is not covered through available secondary research sources of information as well as validate the information collected within the first phase of the project. Within this phase, our research team also focused its efforts to look for more insights about the market behaviors, structure and incentives in the Cairo real estate market. Our team collected data by conducting on the ground visits of high profile urban areas within Cairo as well as interviews with key developers and brokers within the market to have a local view on the value offerings.

Developing a Market Size Model

Within the third research phase of the market assessment, we used the data and insights gathered in the previous phases to come up with a model that estimates the total addressable market in Cairo within the current year. The model developed estimated the current volume and value of the market for rent and for sale for different types of properties.

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Problems faced

  • Access to accurate information and high-quality data about the market


  • Leveraging Infomineo’s expertise to find and analyze information into insights with a quick turnaround time


  • Access to the expertise of the largest research team within Africa and the Middle East
  • Fast delivery of solutions and implementation