Market Sizing Energy Distribution Equipment in the UAE

Market Sizing for Energy Distribution Equipment in the UAE

A client within the Electrical Manufacturing industry was looking to size the market for energy distribution equipment as part of the company’s strategic planning efforts in the region. For this particular project, we started off by getting an understanding of the market size from a supply perspective, then dived into the size of the market from a demand perspective and combining these data and insights into estimates from both perspectives.


Supply-side research & analysis

Our aim when collecting data and information here was to get a view of how many suppliers serve the energy distribution equipment market within the UAE. In response to our client’s need, we used both primary and secondary research methods to collect this data.

We started off by searching company directories, news and press search, to create a database of market players within the region, accompanied with detailed company profiles of the key players. We then defined the number of players we’d need to reach out to get up-to-date information on their organization and their perception and estimation of annual sales for their products. The number of players, the profiles we reach out to and the type of questions we asked were agreed upon with our client beforehand to ensure that we are moving forward with the project according to their data needs.

Demand-side research & analysis

In parallel to our supplier data collection efforts, our research team was collecting information on the demand for energy distribution equipment within the market.

Typically, the methodology used to size the market for a product heavily depends on the level of detail a client needs. Depending on their specific projects, certain clients request that we conduct market surveys through on the ground customer surveys, phone surveys or online surveys. Other clients request that we conduct focus groups or expert interviews to get a general idea on consumer preferences and the demand for the product.

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Problems faced

  • Access to accurate information and high-quality data about the market


  • Leveraging Infomineo’s expertise to find and analyze information into insights with a quick turnaround time


  • Access to the expertise of the largest research team within Africa and the Middle East
  • Fast delivery of solutions and implementation