Luxury anti aging and premium dietary supplements markets in UAE


Request Objectives: to understand the markets of luxury anti-aging cosmetics and premium dietary supplements, in the following aspects: market size, identification of most relevant channels, competitive landscape, route to market, opportunity assessment.


  • Secondary research to collect all available information on the two segments and related markets (beauty & health, skin care, luxury retail, etc).
  • Primary research with importers and distributors to get insights and estimation on market/channel size and distribution mechanism
  • On-field research with freelancers performing 18 store-checks and 6 store manager interviews

For the two niches of luxury anti-aging products and premium dietary supplements

  1. Main trends of the two market niches: market growth, purchasing habits, customer preferences
  2. Competitive scenarios, prices and best marketing practices
  3. Supply chain diagram
  4. Opportunity assessment and potential distribution partnerships identification.


With the data research support from Infomineo, the client was able to get a comprehensive understanding of two niche markets in the UAE.

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