Landscaping the secondary-homes market in a set of European and Middle Eastern countries


A client wanted to analyse the secondary home market in a set of countries, in terms of market size (# of units), localisation, product types, buyer budget, household social profiles, preferred international destinations, etc.

The study covered 11 countries: Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait.

Request objectives

  • Secondary research: Research was based on reports published by key organisations (e.g. Real Estate Promotion organisations, Ministry of Tourism, etc.) to size and assess each second homes market. Proxies were developed when data on some geographies (national & international) and types (beach, city, mountain, countryside) were not available by leveraging international tourist data, mainly using Eurostat. A press search on real estate and tourism sectors.
  • Primary research: validating/completing secondary research with phone calls with the country statistics departments, including INSEE (France), Tourism Ministry (France), Federal Statistical Office (Germany), etc.


For Europe, primary research helped Infomineo to validate trends captured in a few outdated studies found through secondary research. As for the Middle East and Russia, where data research was scarce, some qualitative indicators, such as national tourist profiling and preferred destinations, helped Infomineo to provide a closer picture to second homes market in the country.


Infomineo analyzed the market in terms of market size, location, product type, buyer budget, household social profile, preferred international destinations, and etc. These analysis in turn helped the real estate firm to make more informed decisions on investing in these markets.

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