Gathering insights on the Oil field Service industry in Libya


A private equity firm holding a majority stake in a leading Oilfield Service company (OSC) who is considering entering the Libyan market.


  • Secondary research: Legal and fiscal frameworks pertaining to OSCs in Libya was documented using Institutional websites, consulting and audit firms publications, and specialized magazines and journals; Additional research was done on the Libyan Oil Industry: Regulatory framework, and fiscal regime; The competitive landscaping was done on International Oil Companies using online public sources and vendor databases like Orbis and a press search on Factiva.
  • Primary research: contacting industry experts identified on Zoominfo database.


While government and industry players tend to be very protective of key market information (strategic and sensitive info), we were able to present to our client a list of major OSCs operating in Libya in 2012, as well as the contact details of field experts. What’s more, Infomineo had put together a report summarizing the market insights on fiscal and regulatory framework on the oilfield service industry in Libya.


The complete overview on the Libyan regulatory framework, the fiscal regime applied to OSCs, and the competitive landscaping of the oilfield service market in Libya helped the private equity firm to decide whether or not to enter the Libyan market.

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