Defining the distribution regulatory framework in the Tobacco, Alcohol and Lottery Segments


The objective of the project was to provide an international consulting firm client with an in-depth understanding of the current regulatory framework of the tobacco, alcohol and lottery retail sales in a Northern African country.


  • Primary research: Interviews with retailers and government bodies to gather information about regulations in the tobacco, alcohol, and lottery sectors.
  • Secondary research: Press search via Infomineo press search tool, and market players’ institutional websites.


Through our research, our team was able to gather information on the laws and procedures, the regulating operations, and the licensing and distribution of alcohol and tobacco. The team was also able to gather legal information concerning customs and marketing, regulatory organs, and the alcohol consumption policy within the North African country.

A Regulatory Framework Report with the above mentioned findings along with relevant articles regarding the different market segments and statistics regarding retail outlets was provided to the client.


The consulting firm had a better understanding of the current regulatory framework in the North African country regarding retail sales in the segments of tobacco, alcohol, and lottery to support its own client.

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