Competitors profiling in the painting products market


The project consisted in supporting the client, a key player in the painting products market in increasing its market share (in several countries) by developing a competitive advantage.


The team gathered data found on competitor company websites along with information found in publications, press search and industry reports.


In response to our clients needs, our team was able to compile a report profiling the competitor brands by numerous factors including product range and development, marketing spending, company sales approach, size of sales force, warehousing and transportation costs, quality issues, outlets characterization, and number of stock keeping units. The report also observed competitor factory footprint (number, locations, capacity), current and projected investments in manufacturing (new or re-engineered facilities), reports on order filing and product availability issues. Finally, we were able to highlight the existing partnerships between the manufacturers and retailers.


Through the analysis of its competitors’ profiles and products, our client was able to identify its competitive advantage.

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