Building a comprehensive database on the telecom industry in Africa


The client wanted to understand the operating model among other companies through an international benchmark, with focus on groups with multiple IT companies.


  • Benchmark panel of qualified groups with associated IT subsidiaries
  • Profiling each group’s IT subsidiary via secondary research, in order to characterize their operating mode in terms of:
  • Organization: group Vs. subsidiary activity, legal form, ownership, turnover – Services & technology domains
  • Operational process: number of served sites, invoicing mode, satisfaction evaluation
  • Performance: 2011 Turnover, turnover breakdown (intra-group vs. extra-group), etc.
  • Identification of each company success drivers, through interviews with their general managers (4 interviews), also aiming at confirming the secondary research outcome.


Our team was able to gather insights on the overall size of the telecom industry taking into account the number of internet users, fixed line users, and telecom operators. Our findings also included the prices of different internet services and subscriptions including fixed internet connection charge, fixed broadband internet monthly subscription, residential monthly subscription telephone, mobile telephone communication price, fixed telephone communication price and other additional fees. The team also assesses the overall revenue of the telecom industry in Africa and more specifically the revenue from all telecommunication, fixed telephone and mobile communication services.


With the data research support from Infomineo, the client was able to define its strategy with regards to its IT organization.

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