Benchmarking Construction Material Retailer Product and Service Offerings


Infomineo carried out the benchmarking of major construction material hypermarkets in terms of products and services offered. The study covered different countries worldwide.


Draft a country overview: the focus for each newsletter edition is one of the countries of the West African region.

  • Perform a press search on 28 West African countries on a quarterly basis. The press search targets news that tackles opportunities such as investments, closed deals, economic developments, etc


Secondary Research Review of the questionnaire template with the consultancy firm in order to maximize both the results and its penetration rate; Identification of a telemarketing company to assist Infomineo on the operational task : Darija/ Berbere speakers were needed to introduce the questionnaires due to the market profiling (small and medium sized companies from the building sector, located in remote areas).

Primary Research Coordination of the efforts between Infomineo and a telemarketing company : 2 agents moved to Infomineo’s office to realize the questionnaires by phone; Quality Insurance phases : cross check the coherence and reliability of the data collected through the interviews; Sending of weekly reports to the consultancy firm with : description of main trends and questionnaires completed so far.


Infomineo compiled a comprehensive spreadsheet with three categories of detailed data including, main information about the different companies: stores, financials, sourcing strategy; product categories offered by each company; hypermarkets managers contact list. What’s more, we also provided the client with a presentation with companies profiling and interviews transcripts.


The study supports the client’s decision making to develop a new model of distribution, adapted to the actual competitive landscape.

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