Benchmarking a Panel of European Companies across 16 Product Segments

Benchmarking of European Companies across 16 Product Segments


Identifying best practices implemented by companies in 16 segments (beauty, apparel, toys, DIY, gardening, soft furnishing, furniture, kitchen installation, etc.), covering 6 countries: Germany, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and UK.


Secondary research:

  • Target International organizations websites and publications
  • Search for local official sources of the country being the focus of the newsletter
  • Press search using tools such as Factiva and InfoMEA Press tool


Through secondary research, Infomineo was able to provide the client with a portfolio detailing the companies’ services, their ownership structures, turnover data, number of stores, and lastly, their pricing strategies.


The client was able to compare the best practices as a result of the product delivered by Infomineo.

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