Agricultural Fencing in 5 African Countries


The client asked Infomineo to assess the market opportunity of agricultural fencing in the 5 key African countries after identifying them, with a view on the current situation and the drivers of evolution in the industry.

Project objectives:

  • Presenting a macroeconomic overview of the country by collecting a wide range of macroeconomic indicators.
  • Highlight the key climatic conditions that influence cattle rearing and fenced farming in the country.
  • Identifying the main macroeconomic drivers that promote a real transition from subsistence agriculture to commercial agriculture.
  • Identification of the main use of fences in the country and the potential of the target market of structured farming.


Secondary research and primary research targeting:

  • Reports and websites of government agriculture ministries and relevant institutions.
  • Local press search.
  • Fence suppliers websites.
  • General web search, yellow pages.
  • Calls to large structured farmers, fence suppliers, contacts from agricultural institutions and associations.
  • Expert interviews.


  • Insights about agricultural regions and climatic conditions, key government development programs, investments in the agri-sector.
  • Insights collected from primary search conducted with market players, institutions and industry experts helped triangulate the data between the various sources and probe the data collected via desk search.
  • Insights about the fencing industry market drivers and prospected evolution of structured farming.
  • Insights about the metrics of structured farming, the uses and practices of fencing, and the existence of local supply.
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